JSON: Writing Output

July 15, 2011

Writing output is much easier than parsing input, because you don’t have to worry that something is invalid. Here’s our solution:

(define (write-json val . args)
  (let ((port (if (pair? args) (car args) (current-output-port))))

    (define (write-value val)
      (cond ((json-null? val) (display " null" port))
            ((boolean? val) (display (if val " true" " false") port))
            ((number? val) (display " ") (display (number->string val) port))
            ((string? val) (display " " port) (write val port))
            ((vector? val) (if (zero? (vector-length val)) (display " []" port)
              (begin (display " [") (write-value (vector-ref val 0))
                     (do ((i 1 (+ i 1))) ((= i (vector-length val)))
                       (display " ," port) (write-value (vector-ref val i)))
                     (display " ]" port))))
            ((pair? val) (if (zero? (length val)) (display " {}" port)
              (begin (display " {" port) (write-value (caar val))
                     (display " :" port) (write-value (cdar val))
                     (do ((val (cdr val) (cdr val))) ((null? val))
                       (display " ," port) (write-value (caar val))
                       (display " :" port) (write-value (cdar val)))
                     (display " }" port))))
            (else (error 'write-json "unrecognized"))))

    (write-value val)))

The function is recursive because JSON objects can be recursive. We also provide a version of the function that writes to a string instead of a port:

(define (json->string obj)
  (with-output-to-string (lambda () (write-json obj))))

You can see the entire JSON library, both input and output, assembled at http://programmingpraxis.codepad.org/mPIKEbNN.


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