I’m Embarrassed!

October 4, 2016

The bug is easy enough to fix. Multiply the input number by 100, round, then use quotient and modulo to split the dollars and cents; the formatting is unchanged from the previous solution:

(define (dollar x)
  (define (commas n)
    (let ((xs (reverse (map number->string (digits n)))))
      (let loop ((xs (drop 3 xs)) (zs (reverse (take 3 xs))))
        (if (null? xs) (apply string-append zs)
          (loop (drop 3 xs) (append (reverse (take 3 xs)) (list ",") zs))))))
  (define (zero n)
    (if (zero? n) "00"
      (if (< n 10) (string-append "0" (number->string n))
        (number->string n))))
  (let* ((n (inexact->exact (round (* x 100))))
         (dollars (quotient n 100))
         (cents (modulo n 100)))
    (string-append "$" (commas dollars) "." (zero cents))))

This correctly solves Matthew’s bug report:

> (dollar 1234567.9999)

You can run the program at http://ideone.com/xg7nFo.


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2 Responses to “I’m Embarrassed!”

  1. Alex B said

    Updated my python solution so it rounds instead of truncating.

    def dollars(n):
        '''Format a number as a dollar amount string'''
        n = n*100
        if n % 1 >= 0.5:
            n = int(n) + 1
            n = int(n)
        s = str(n)
        i, d = s[:-2], s[-2:]
        l = [i[(c-3 if c >= 3 else 0):c] for c in range(len(i),0,-3)]
        o = '.'.join((','.join(reversed(l)),d))
        return ''.join(('$', o))
    >>> dollars(1234567.9999)
    >>> dollars(1234567.9950)
    >>> dollars(1234567.9949)
    >>> dollars(1234567.9900)
    >>> dollars(1234567.949)
    >>> dollars(1234567)
  2. matthew said

    Sorry about that. I find it’s easy to get these simple problems wrong, just by not paying enough attention. New solution looks good anyway.

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