Help Wanted: Report Generator

May 11, 2018

nomenclature "FZPDCSH"
reportname   "Daily Cash Report"
description  "Report of cash received, summarized by cashier within campus"
prompt       CDATE, "Cashier Date", "Date cashier performed transaction"

pageheader   left &NOMENCLATURE, center &REPORTNAME, right "Page " &PAGENUM
pageheader   center "Cashier Date = &CDATE, Campus = &CAMP"
pagefooter   left &USERID@&DBNAME, right &RUNDATE

column       camp NOPRINT
column       cashier_id NOPRINT
column       cashier_name NOPRINT
column       session_id heading "SESS" format 9990
column       tran_number heading "TRANS NUM" format 999999990
column       receipt_number heading "RECEIPT" format 999999990
column       tran_date heading "TRANS DATE" format MM/DD/YYYY
column       amount heading "AMOUNT" format $99,999,990.00

break        CAMP skip page
breakfooter  left "Total Campus &CAMP"
                  column receipt_number count
                  column amount sum

break        CASHIER_ID skip 1
breakheader  left "&CASHIER_ID &CASHIER_NAME"
breakfooter  left "Total &CASHIER_NAME"
                  column receipt_number count
                  column amount sum

reportfooter left "Grand Total"
                  column receipt_number count
                  column amount sum
reportfooter "End of Report"

query        select   camp, cashier_id, cashier_name,
                      session_id, tran_number, receipt_number,
                      tran_date, amount
             from     fzrcash
             where    cashier_date = &CDATE
             order by camp, cashier_name, receipt_number

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5 Responses to “Help Wanted: Report Generator”

  1. Steve said

    Next page?

  2. Daniel said

    @programmingpraxis, if the next problem on this site is to implement this, then perhaps you’ll have some options to choose from :-).

    In more seriousness, I don’t know of any existing software for this.

  3. programmingpraxis said

    Has anybody used the Gnu Report Generator GURGLE? I note the most recent version dates to 2010.

  4. Steve said

    Several years ago I briefly used iReport. Not sure if it fits your criteria.

  5. Richard A. O'Keefe said

    GNU Cobol is an open source COBOL compiler for Unix and I believe Windows. The current download, 3.0-rc1, includes the REPORT WRITER
    module. The REPORT WRITER module is a standard (optional) part of COBOL and has been around in one form or another since 1968. If you’re looking for something cheap to produce 1960s-style reports in a modern OS, GNU Cobol looks pretty good.

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