Update: The Daily WTF

August 14, 2009

Alex Papadimoulis has agreed to change the name of his series of programming exercises, thus ending the dispute between us. I thank him for agreeing to the change, and wish him well.

To all of my regular readers: I apologize again for involving you in this dispute. The next exercise will be published in a few hours, and I hope you are as anxious to get back to programming as I am.

To all those people who found my blog for the first time: Welcome! Please stay. Enjoy the exercises. And please post your solutions, so we may all learn from your work.


2 Responses to “Update: The Daily WTF”

  1. ProgrammingAteMyLife said

    I’m glad this matter is sorted, then. All the best!

  2. dbrickshaw said

    It’s good to hear that the matter has been resolved, and I’m glad I’ve found this blog as a result of the drama :)

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