Car Crash

October 25, 2018

On Saturday morning I had a head-on collision at 75MPH, Medevac helicopter, serious internal bleeding, no broken bones. I spent four days in hospital, including one-and-a-half days in intensive care. I am home now, moving slowly but mostly okay.

I was alone in the car on an interstate highway early in the morning, heading to a weekend with friends away from home. About a minute ahead of me, an 18-wheel tractor/trailer rig hit a deer, lost control, jack-knifed and overturned, leaving the right lane blocked with the bottom of the tractor facing oncoming traffic. Because it was still astronomical twilight, with no moon and no street lamps, I did not see the tractor until it was within range of my headlights, and I was unable to avoid the collision, although I did partially swerve and struck only the right half of my car, from centerline to right side, spinning twice.

In the car about fifteen seconds behind me were four volunteer firefighters on their way to start their shift, so they were on the scene in seconds. They helped me out of the car, and I walked under my own power to the ambulance. The trainee driver of the truck was uninjured. The lead driver of the truck was asleep in the cab’s bed, and suffered a broken left leg.

My left ankle has a deep bruise, but is not broken, from striking the brake pedal; it is painful. My belly has a deep bruise from striking the steering wheel, and was the source of the internal bleeding; I take blood-thinning medication due to two prior pulmonary embolisms, so the bleeding was serious. I was flown from a local hospital to a regional first-class trauma center shortly after the crash. They monitored the bleeding, which stopped on its own after about two days without need for surgery (which was a real possibility). The bruise on my right belly is about twice the size of my right hand with fingers splayed wide, and is mostly black, with a few tinges of deep purple; it is not painful unless I bend or twist badly, which I have learned not to do. I am wearing a corset (the hospital calls it an abdominal binder) and taking a very low dose of pain-killers.

I’ve spoken to my boss; she even came to the hospital to visit and bring flowers. I’ll be away from work for at least several weeks, and away from blogging for just as long. I would appreciate it if my readers keep doing exercises while I am away; just look for any old exercises that strike your fancy.