Is This Insane?

May 17, 2019

[ I’ve been very busy at work this week, and don’t have time to write a proper exercise. My apologies. ]

I stumbled across Twitter account ed1conf that included this method of collaborating with another user on an ed(1) session:

Have two ed(1) sessions open concurrently and want to easily transfer lines between them?

    $ ed -p"a)" a.txt

in another shell

    $ mkfifo fifo
    $ ed -p"b)" b.txt


    a) 15,21 w fifo


    b) 13r fifo

Can reuse the same fifo bidirectionally. Finally

    !rm fifo

I’m not sure if that’s brilliant or insane! Actually, I’m not even sure if a whole Twitter account devoted to ed(1) is brilliant or insane.

Perhaps you would like to share with us some other examples of brilliant insanity.


One Response to “Is This Insane?”

  1. […] to come up with a real programming exercise so he shared what he described as an insane example of collaboration using ed. Actually, it’s not really “collaboration” but a way of sending some lines in one ed session […]

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