Mars Rover

August 21, 2018

Today’s exercise is a Microsoft interview question:

Write code using the commands below for two rovers to meet. Two rovers are dropped on Mars. Imagine Mars to be a straight infinite plane. When the rovers are dropped on Mars they are dropped with a parachute, so their initial position on Mars is on the parachute:

The only commands available are:

  1. Go left.
  2. Go right.
  3. No operation.
  4. If on parachute go to label.

A label points to a piece of code with a name where it is possible to transfer execution.

Using ONLY the commands above, write code to enable the rovers to meet.

Your task is to write a program to help the Mars rovers meet. When you are finished, you are welcome to read or run a suggested solution, or to post your own solution or discuss the exercise in the comments below.


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